Custom Engineering And Special Tooling
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  • Fabrication of custom gages to existing gage drawings.
  • Design and fab capabilities from concept to completion per ANSI Y14.5
  • As a leader in the design and production of functional Gages, we are familiar with the problems of the manufacturing industry.   We invite you to request our services regardless of your R & D or engineering needs.  We can design a new gage, or develop a less costly method to meet your present gaging needs.

Products And Services Available
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Thread Plug Gages
Thread Ring Gages
Thread Setting Plugs
Reversible Thread Gages
S.T.I. Thread Gages
Oil Country Gages
Tapered Pipe Gages
Metric Gages
Acme Gages
Buttress Gages
Whitworth Gages
Square Threads
British Pipe Gages
Variable Gaging
Cylindrical Plug Gages
Cylindrical Ring Gages
Progressive Plug Gages
Pin Type Gages
Master Disks
Profile Gages
M.S. Plug Gages
A.N. Port Plug Gages
Hose Fitting Gages
Paddle Gages
Leur Gages
Air Plug and Probes
Fixture Gages
Flush Pin Gages
Concentricity Gages
True Position Gages
Radius Gages
Reciever Gages
Template Gages
Crimping Tool Gages
Roll Thread Snap Gages
(Also Cone & V)
Custom Lapping
Lead Screws
Special Thread Grinding
Contract Jig Grinding

Industries Served

  • Aerospace
  • Aircraft
  • Automotive
  • Commercial Application
  • Computer
  • Defense
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Nuclear
  • Oil Field
  • Ordinance

Pennoyer-Dodge Co. Special Design Gaging 1-800-736-4243

Other Services

  • Parts analysis and "troubleshooting".
  • Contract Jig Grinding with open machine time available.
  • Custom Lapping.
  • Special Thread Grinding.
Pennoyer-Dodge Co. Special Design Gaging 1-800-736-4243

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Pennoyer-Dodge Co. Gages 1-800-736-4243

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Accepted Methods of Payment:
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